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fishing for supperfishing for supperHunt Zambia is an extension of an older website called Safaribwana which was started back in the early days of the internet. As technology has caught up with the safari hunting industry the time has come to divest the older website into a group of smaller country specific information rich websites for those interested in undertaking a Safari, be it for hunting or photographic!

SafariBwana was started back in 1998, by myself, a professional hunter out of Zambia, intended to provide information about the rather sketchy, golden boy industry of safari hunting. It gradually turned into my personal business marketing tool by which I sold safaris to Zambia and South Africa from a honest African perspective.

Born in Zambia and a recent Colorado resident, I still conduct safari expeditions to southern Africa with a focus on the experience more than simple shooting. Our continent holds a rich diversity of wilderness, wildlife and cultures - often overlooked on mere species collecting trips.

roughing it - Zambian styleroughing it - Zambian styleHaving grown up in the Zambian bush, I try and incorporate those methods of hunting and travel which I find to be unforgettable - stalking close into a herd of Buffalo, or sleeping out under the stars on a walkabout. History and culture also form an integral part of the trips I conduct which allow a better feel for the Africa I know and grew up with.

Above all, I am Zambian by birth and have spent the greater part of my life wandering the wild places of this land with or without rifle in hand. I have hunted pretty much all of the government concessions in the country from north to south and then some and can without a doubt give you the best advice and hunting experience - I am not a foreign based PH, or some visiting agent hell bent on turning the safari into a personal quest.



If a true wilderness hunt is in your future then look no further, from the large dastardly denizens of the bush to the small cunning ones, we cover Zambia like no other and offer the most flexible safari structure because we have the long term experience to do so.