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In 2004 the Zambian government issued Zambian Safari Operators with new 10 year lease agreements for the magnificent Game Management Areas of Zambia. As a young professional hunter I had always been under the employ of another Safari Outfitter BUT it was in 2004 that I established my name and company, SafariBwana, in the great wilderness of Zambia. make no mistake, I had wandered the great Kafue Moimbo from age 5 while I cut my teeth as an avid apprentice in the hot dry Mopanis of the Luangwa Valley. By age 17 I had hunted every species Zambia had to offer and seen much of this magnificent country.

Today I am more concerned with conserving what I grew up knowing back then, something which is hard to find amongst Zambian PH's, mostly because they are all newcomers or foreigners.

Zambia 2004 - 2009