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Nguni Warrior - southern ZambiaNguni Warrior - southern ZambiaLet me dumb it down for you - Africa is a continent, large and looming, varied and unique across its length and breadth.

Africa is NOT a country, it is not a state, it does not belong to anyone except the Africans and to be perfectly honest it consists of thousands of unique cultures, landscapes and wilderness areas, unimaginable to those living in the so called 'civilized western world'.

Through history Africa has been invaded, colonized, conquered and manipulated, yet in the end, despite the west, Africa has survived and won - be it in her own way and her own time.

Of the 57 countries on this massive continent, Zambia is but one of them lying south of the equator pretty much smack in the center - blessed by the presence of the great rift valley system and cradled by the greatest river of southern Africa, the Zambezi. Dr David Livingstone spent a great deal of time traversing the rivers and waterways of the country, his spirit forever embodied in the great Victoria Falls, his heart buried near the great Bangweulu wetlands.

Zambia offers classical safari hunting - as compared to ranch or fenced hunting found in South Africa, Namibia and to an extent Zimbabwe. This hunting is in wild country, on tribal lands so large that it takes more than a day or sometimes 2 to cross the whole concession. Camps are not permanent, roads are non existent and there is no ER or supermarket around the corner to rush to if you need it. This is rural, 'true' Africa and hunting here is akin to the very early days of the great white hunters.

However, don't be fooled by this apparent sense of untouched Africa and your supposition of the great white hunter saving the poor villagers from marauding beasts! This is not true, you're not saving anyone, you're not doing them a service, you're not the hero - all they care about is your dollar, something which they are well aware of and wise to the value of your safari hunt.

So, not to dash your ideas of being the bwana, the people here live day in and day out with the hassles of elephants, buffalo, hippo and all the rest destroying their food crops, they live with Lion and Leopard and Hyena always ready to take opportunity in a meal. This is daily life for many Zambians living in the Game Management Areas where safari hunting takes place - the trade for your dollar is worth the daily risk they face.

So rest assured that you are contributing to the welfare and survival of many men, women and children who live in the GMA you are hunting in - also remember that if it was not for your safari hunt, the areas would probably be over run by livestock and deforestation for farmland.