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Zambia Hunting Regions

Zambia is drained by two major river basins: the Zambezi basin in the south covering about three-quarters of the country; and the Congo basin in the north covering about one-quarter of the country. The Zambezi basin forms the core support system or backbone of Zambia's key protected areas system which is where 99 percent of all hunting takes place.

Two of the Zambezi's longest and largest tributaries, the Kafue and the Luangwa, flow mainly in Zambia and it is around these two systems which the core National Parks and their associated hunting zones are concentrated. At a glance when hunting in Zambia your will more often than not either hunt GMA's around the Kafue National park in the west or around the Luangwa National park in the north east.

There are other GMA's where successful hunting does take place yet these tend to be single areas where game is scarce or highly specialized areas harboring unique antelope.