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Sitatunga and the Bangweulu Swamp - most of the Sitatunga hunted each season in Zambia are pursued in the vast marshes and swamps of the Bangweulu Wetlands. At over 9000 square kilometers, this vast shallow body of water, marshes, swamps and floodplains is home to a myriad of birds, fish, amphibians and ungulate species and is known in local venacular - where the water meets the sky!

Bangweulu is perhaps one of Zambias must hunt / see destinations simply because of the vastness and unique experience the wetland offers. In early days the area was home to great herds of Elephant, Buffalo, Hippo and all of Zambias common species, a veritable wilderness paradise.

However today the Bangweulu swamps is best known in hunting circles as a prime destination for the zambezi Sitatunga as well as the ENDEMIC Black Lechwe. Being rather remote, these hunts are usually only focussed upon Sitatunga and the species available which are typically Black Lechwe, Tssessebe, common Reedbuck and recently a couple of Buffalo.

Sitatunga are found in other regions of Zambia as well as on a few game ranches and while the Bangweulu holds larger numbers, the Kafue does offer some opportunities at trophy Sitatunga while allowing other primes species such as Sable, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard in the same hunting area.

Today the hunting of the Bangweulu is managed by African Parks in a joint agreement with the Zambia Parks and Wildlife

The Lechwes - Kafue and Black

As mentioned, the Bangweulu swamp is home to the endemic Black Lechwe and can only be hunted here. Recently some private game ranches have started offering Black Lechwe as part of their trophy animals however if you want a decent choice and an experience never to be forgotten then you do need to shoot your Black lechwe in Bangweulu. They have a peculiar habit called "Lekking" where you will find herds of male Black Lechwe of over 2000 strong before your eyes and making a decision on a trophy can be testy.