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Lion in ZambiaLion in ZambiaZambia's best Trophies (what to hunt on a Zambian Safari)

Hunting in Zambia has always been synonymous with Lion and Leopard, coined by Safari Operators and PH's as the Classical hunt. Although Zambia produced some pretty large Elephant in the 70's, this is not where you should look to bag one of these pachyderms. As late as 2011, Zambia was still producing a couple of large Lion yet sadly, the huge quotas provided by government as well as the over zealous utilisation by the majority of outfitters, saw many of the countrys prime GMAs more or less depleted of these vulnerable cats.

To be sure, wild lion are under threat throughout Africa and currently Zambia has reopened the hunting of Lion in the GMAs. With that said, there are still many large maned Lion within the country and as long as both government and operators work towards the good of re establishing wild populations, then Zambia is still the best country to hunt Lion in.

Leopard in Zambia are plentiful and we take some big boys each season however the hunt is expensive if compared to other countries. It is a true hunt in the sense that you bait the cat instead of running it down with dogs or bushmen trackers. The hunt for leopard in this country is possibly one of Africa's most exciting and challenging hunts and is well worth the money.

Cape Buffalo are widespread throughout the country but the great numbers are found in the Luangwa Valley where herds of over 1000 animals are not an uncommon sight. Each season you'll see some bulls in the 45 inch range being taken but the norm is more around 40 - 42 depending upon how big you want the bosses to be. In general the wider spreads are younger bulls with soft bosses, while the true 'kakulis' provide the character and muscle most buffalo are revered for.

49' Sable Bull, western Zambia49' Sable Bull, western ZambiaSable in Zambia are spectacular and there currently is no other country that can even come close to the size of bulls being taken. In 2006 the new world record Sable of 53" was taken in the Kafue GMA of Mumbwa West. On many game ranches you also see bulls well above 42 inches so this is a great country for these most striking of antelope.

Roan antelope are also a good choice in Zambia although they tend to be expensive and scarce. They are considered a classical animal so you need to book a minimum of 14 days. The escarpment regions of the Luangwa valley offer the best Roan in Zambia while the Kafue, the Roan's traditional stronghold, may offer up a couple of good animals each year.

Zambia also has an impressive list of "specials" including the elusive Sitatunga, Kafue & Black Lechwes (which are only found in Zambia), Cookson's Wildebeest (only found in Luangwa Valley), Puku, Oribi & Yellow backed duiker (no longer allowed to be hunted)

Other species which are easily hunted in Zambia are: Livingstone's Eland, Kudu, common & Defassa Waterbuck, Chobe Bushbuck, Crocodile, Hippo plus all the other more common plains species.