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Zambia HippoZambia Hippo

Zambia offers hunting in the classical sense, vast open wilderness concessions where Africa's large beasts wander freely, pretty much as they did a 100 years ago in relative solitude. As a hunter you get the feeling that your time here is temporary and at best, fractious, able to change in an instant. Of all Africa's hunting countries, Zambia must stand amongst the top 3 as the destination of choice for those seeking the true African hunting experience. No matter if you're after the larger beasts or simply seeking the solitude of the African wilderness, Zambia remains the quintessential African Safari destination. While we are more than qualified and happy to take you to the usual government concessions where everyone else hunts, our primary goal is to let you into our secret - our way of hunting Zambia, not the fancy set up high dollar clap trap that everyone else offers! 

Buffalo on the Kafue FlatsBuffalo on the Kafue FlatsABOUT OUR RoughHunts

Our RoughHunts all take place on close to one half million acres of community hunting land in Zambia's Northern and Muchinga Provinces. In the middle of this vast tract of Africa, our safaris are based on a private hunting reserve of around 35,000 unfenced acres with a permanent tented base camp where we conduct our walking safaris from. It is the surrounding region however that takes our interest and becomes the focus of these RoughHunts – unopened land that holds big game as well as the elusive and cunning species Zambia is known for. The safari progresses down into one of Zambias, if not Africas best Buffalo hunting concessions where herds of 1000 plus buffalo are encountered.

Following in the tradition of the early safaris, as outfitters we provide the very basics which includes but is not limited to: porters to carry your pack so you can hunt, small tents and sleeping gear, basic meals from the game we shoot, filtered water and rivers to bath in!

That’s about it – very much like the first safaris of the early explorers where camp was totally mobile and set up where the game was plentiful.

We believe a lot of the fun of this safari can be your pre planning and gearing up and thus we are here for guidance and advice. Your essentials will be – your guns and ammunition, suitable hard wearing clothes and shoes, all personal essentials such as toiletries, bathing soap, medications etc. as well as any new hunting toys that may seem appropriate and fun. If you want any special drinks or food then you will have a chance to purchase this in Lusaka prior to your departure for the bush.

Chumamaboko - first Zambia professional hunterChumamaboko - first Zambia professional hunterThese hunts require a certain amount of time, patience and adaptability on your part as they are based upon breaking open new roads and uncharted country and are in essence unpredictable – the very reason that makes them a true hunting adventure! However make NO mistake, you will be hunting in the very best concession for buffalo in the Luangwa Valley.

To accommodate the unpredictability that is embodied in the term Safari, our rates are structured on a success based style. You pay a hunt or daily fee which is lower and more manageable - in essence it allows you access to the wilderness that Zambia offers at a fraction of the cost you'd pay elsewhere. Then you only pay for the trophies you shoot above what is already included. And if you don't get a Kakul, you get a refund!